Whole Home Water Filtration Systems

Filter Every Drop with a Whole House Water Filtration System

  • Remove common contaminants throughout your entire home
  • Avoid health risks with safe drinking water
  • Reduce wear and tear on your plumbing and appliances
  • Installation and lifetime warranty included
  • Affordable financing available
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Uncover All the Benefits of Switching to an ONIT Whole Home Water Filtration System

A whole home water system is your one-stop solution for providing high-quality water throughout your entire home! This system is installed by your main water line, so it filters water right at the source. From cooking, cleaning, and bathing, your home water source will be the cleanest water for your entire family.

Remove 99% of Contaminants

Our systems reduce the amount of chemicals, bacteria, viruses, debris, and more in your water.

Enjoy Tastier Food and Drinks

Fresh-tasting water without chlorine and contaminants makes better tasting coffee, tea, and food for you and your family.

Reduce Plastic Waste

You won't need to buy cases of bottled water anymore, saving money and helping the environment.

Softer Hair and Cleaner Skin

You are only as clean as your water. Purify your body with soft bath water that helps with eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin.

Save Big on Expenses

Save an average of $870/year by eliminating expenses such as bottled water, water filters, and plumbing and appliance maintenance.

Softer, Brighter Clothing

Keep your cozy sweaters softer and your t-shirt’s colors brighter with soft water that preserves their structure.

Signs You Need Whole House Water Filtration

While you may look at your glass of water and not see any issues, that doesn’t mean harmful contaminants aren’t present. There are different ways these contaminants can show up around your home! Some common symptoms your home needs a whole house water filtration system include:

man smelling water


Do you ever catch a rotten egg smell coming from your tap water? That’s an indication that sulfur is present in your water.

bad tasting water


Sometimes, these contaminants can impact the taste of your water! Look out for tastes similar to bleach, rotten eggs, or pool water. These are signs that your water needs a filtration system ASAP.

rust stains in washer

Rust stains

These pesky red marks on our appliances are an indication of hard water! Some common areas it shows up in include sinks, toilets, and even clothing.

dry skin on shoulder

Dry skin and hair

This is a direct result of bathing with hard water.

mineral deposit on showerhead

Stains on your dishes and faucets

Washing your dishes in hard water leads to stains on your dishes called mineral deposits! This is also present on your plumbing fixtures.

corroded pipes under sink

Corroded pipes

Pipes can become corroded when there’s a sulfur presence or a high amount of total dissolved solids (TDS) in your water system. It can affect the pipes, fixtures, plumbing, and appliances, leading to costly repairs for homeowners.

ONIT tank

If your water shows any of these signs, ONIT Home can help:

A water filtration system from ONIT Home removes 99% of contaminants, leaving you with clean and healthy water straight from the tap. Ditch the bottled water and unreliable grocery store water filters. Instead, enjoy a low-maintenance system that works around-the-clock to provide your family with high-quality water.

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Think Your Fridge Filter Is Efficient at Removing Contaminants From Your Water? Think Again.

A fridge filter is a carbon filter with an NSF 42 Certification, also known as the aesthetic effect for filtration. This means that a fridge filter is only capable of removing chlorine from water, but can help with the overall taste and smell. However, this gives homeowners a false sense of security for the safety of their water! Contaminants like arsenic, copper, lead, mercury, sulfates, and even pharmaceuticals will end up in your glass of water. Also a fridge filter is not fine enough to remove anything past large debris and sediment.

Additionally, a fridge filter is just that, a filter for your fridge! This means that every other faucet in your home is still susceptible to chlorine and other chemicals. Therefore, your dishwasher, washing machine, sinks, and showers are still using chlorinated water. When you switch to a whole home water filtration system from ONIT Home, you’re getting safe and clean water from every faucet!

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See How Much Can You Save With an ONIT Water Filtration System!

The average person buys 43.7 gallons of bottled water a year, and that quickly adds up! The good news is, that’s just one expense you’ll eliminate when you switch to a whole home water filtration system from ONIT Home. You’ll also save on cleaning products, energy consumption and maintenance throughout the home.

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Eliminate Bottled Water Costs

save up to $324 per year

The average person consumes 43.7 gallons of bottled water a year, and that adds up! With an ONIT water system, you can cut out all bottled water as your drinking water is now up to the highest quality.

Reduce the Amount of Cleaning Products

save up to $420 per year

With softer water, your detergent and cleaning products work better, estimating you can use 50% less detergent or soap.

Reduce Your Home’s Energy Consumption

save up to $36 per year

A water heater accounts for about 13% of your electric bill. Scale buildup from hard water makes gas heaters struggle to warm your water. Softer water can reduce your energy consumption by 20%.

Avoid Expensive Plumbing Issues

save up to $90 per year

Softer water means those hard minerals aren't clogging and destroying your pipes and appliances. You can reduce hard water related problems and save up to 75% per year.

ONIT conventional water tank

Safe Drinking Water Starts a Powerful Water Tank

Your water system’s tank produces clean, healthy, and fresh-tasting drinking water. Each system’s tank has unique components specializing in removing contaminants and toxins from your home’s water supply.

High-quality systems designed for top-level performance

With NSF/ANSI Standard 58 qualifications and rigorous independent efficiency tests, you and your family can expect clean and delicious water each time you use the water filtering system. The ONIT Home whole home water filtration system removes 99% of chlorine, chloramines, calcium, magnesium, and more. Call today to speak to a water specialist and have a system customized for your home’s particular needs.

Contaminant Average %
Chlorine 99%
Chloramines 99%
Calcium 99%
Magnesium 99%
Lead 99%
Fluoride 94%
Arsenic 97%
Copper 99%

More Than Just a Water Softener and Filter

There’s nothing average about our water filtration systems. Boasting a fully-automated design with self-cleaning functionalities, it’s easy to see why our systems are a low-maintenance and permanent solution for enjoying clean water year-round. We know the needs of each family are different, so we customize each of our top-of-the-line systems for every home to deliver proper filtration every time you run your water.

Call now to order the perfect water filtration system for your family with ONIT Water!

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Water Filtration Systems Built for Every Need

Whole home water softener

Softens your water to extend the life of your plumbing, appliances, and clothing all while ensuring your hair and skin is healthier than ever.

Whole home UV light purification

Enjoy water that's free from pathogenic microbes when you add the UV light to your home's filtration system. The UV purifier is the most effective solution for disinfecting water, eliminating nucleic acids and harmful pathogens like Salmonella and Hepatitis*. Instead, you and your family get to enjoy virus and bacteria-free water 365-days a year.

Whole home water filter

The system is designed to be a permanent solution for filtering out chlorine, bromine, and heavy metals from the tap water entering your home.

Reverse osmosis drinking water

The Reverse Osmosis system filters your water even further, ensuring contaminants have been removed from your drinking water.

Activated Carbon

BlackCat Resin


Affordable Water Filtration Systems for Every Household

We may offer best-in-class water tests and top-of-the-line whole home water filtration systems, but really we’re in the business of making it possible for every family to enjoy clean, fresh-tasting water, no matter their budget. That’s why we offer customizable solutions unique to each family’s needs.

saltless water filter

ONIT Conventional Series

Our fully-automated whole home systems remove minerals from your water, extending the life of your plumbing, making your water better for your skin and hair, and improving the taste of your water. The media inside the water softener and filter tanks work together to filter out chlorine, bromine, and heavy metals throughout your tap water.

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C-Series Salt Softener

ONIT Ranger Series

Gain higher filtration performance with catalytically activated carbon filter medium available in the ONIT Ranger Series. An additional fourth medium improves the overall removal of contaminants like chloramine from your tap water. Plus, you get a 5-year supply of hydrating and cleansing soaps for radiant skin from Pure and Gentle.

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Vortech softener

ONIT Delta Series

Maximize your filtration capacity with ONIT Delta Series two-tank design made for a powerful clean. The filter’s 50% reduction in system maintenance makes it virtually hands-free. You also get to enjoy a 5-year supply of hydrating and cleansing soaps for radiant skin from Pure and Gentle.

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Alkaline Booster

Take Water Treatment to a Whole New Level With an Alkaline Booster

Upgrading your whole home water filtration system with an Alkaline Booster strengthens the filtration process with bold enhancements.

With an Alkaline Booster, you’ll get:

  • Deeper filtration
  • Essential minerals
  • Increase in pH level
  • Improvement in the overall taste of your water
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Professional Installation Reduces Risk of Water Damage

Unlike self-install systems, a water filtration system installed by experts means you can rest easy knowing your system is connected correctly the first time. At ONIT Home, we’re focused on bringing clean and healthier water to homes and families across the country. Our professional installation service ensures that the whole home filtered water system inside your property works just right for your family’s needs and avoids unnecessary water damage. Save money on costly repairs and request a quote today to start utilizing our cutting-edge filtration systems.

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Lifetime Warranty Included With Every System

We’re constantly looking for ways to go above and beyond for our customers. Our lifetime warranty on all water filtration systems makes sure your system is always working the way it should. Rest easy knowing your investment in whole home water filtration is protected for a lifetime.